content_photo_1591Candlelight Inn is the oldest locally owned full service restaurant in the Sterling / Rock Falls area, with a location also in Clinton IA. The trademark entree is “Chicken George” served with the famous Jan’s sauce. The Prescott family welcomes you to lunch or dinner at the Candlelight Inn.

In July of 1967 the original Candlelight Inn was established at 101 West Third Street in downtown Sterling Illinois. The Candlelight Inn operated at the location until November of 1989 when it was relocated to 2907 North Locust in Sterling. The North Locust location was originally a dairy farm owned and operated by the George Miller Family. In 1964 the farm was sold to Hugh Hermes and in 1965 sold to Martha and Mel Leseman who converted it to a restaurant. Subsequently there were a number of restaurant owners prior to the purchase and renovation by Bob and Jan Prescott. The Locust Street location still operates today.

Bob and Jan have 6 children and discouraged each of the children from the long and arduour hours of becoming a restaurateur. Only one child, Matthew, had a strong interest in the restaurant business. Bob and Jan strongly encouraged Matthew to complete his college education prior to making a career choice. After receiving his college degree in Business, Matthew moved to Arizona, worked in several restaurants and returned to Sterling in 1999 to rescue his aging and tired parents. His return brought youth, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the family business. In 2000, Matthew became the owner and operator of the North Locust Street location. In July 2004, the newest location of the Candlelight Inn Restaurant opened in Rock Falls, Illinois.