Candlelight Inn has been serving its customers for 44 years with locations in Illinois and Iowa. In Sterling, IL, we’re located on Locust Street. Our family restaurant is spacious, yet cozy, perfect for family-style meals, whether lunch or dinner. This location, like all the others, is a combination of steakhouse, bar and grill, and banquet facility. We combine the finest food with the highest quality of service to give you the best fine dining experience in town.

Candlelight Inn’s banquet facility in Sterling, IL, is warm and cozy, like our other locations, with just enough room to focus on providing the people of Sterling a superb dining experience with the choicest foods in the company of your loved ones. Here you can host rehearsal dinners, parties and conferences. We even have event planners on staff to help make your special day as perfect as possible.

Our family restaurant is the birthplace of the Chicken George, often served with Jan’s famous sauce. Choose from a wide variety of starters, steaks, ribs, chops, chicken dishes, homestyle meals, seafood, sandwiches and entrée salads and, no matter what you choose, you will not be disappointed. And while you’re here, we invite you to try our great combinations such as the Chicken of the Sea, our famous Chicken George served with five succulent shrimp.

Our steak house is the best around for a family looking to eat out. Our staff is courteous and will go to any lengths to make you feel right at home. Along with our ever popular hand-cut, slow-cooked prime rib, we serve an excellent ribeye, beef tenderloin filet and pork chops. And, of course, with that you will get bake potatoes, fries, onion rings and steamed vegetables.

Candlelight Inn’s bar and grill combines all the best of ambience, good food straight from the oven or grill and all the classic American drinks – scotch, whiskey and, of course, beer. Our staff will provide you with sizzling food, mix your drinks just how you like them and serve them to you in minimal time. This is one place you can just walk in and eat and drink your fill.

2907 North Locust Street
Sterling , IL 61081
Open 11 AM - 10 PM Monday -Saturday, Open 11 AM - 9 PM Sunday
(815) 625-2600