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5 Types of Wedding Catering Services

The wedding reception is just as critical as the ceremony itself. Guests look forward to the food served after the newlyweds have said their vows, walked down the aisle, and shared a kiss. However, finding the right marriage catering service can be overwhelming. This will depend on several factors, such as the number of guests, food choices, wedding theme, and, most importantly, budget.

If your big day is coming up and food is part of the wedding planning process, here are several types of wedding catering services to consider.

1) Plated Dinner

A plated dinner is ideal for formal gatherings, such as weddings. Guests are seated down and order their meals ahead of time. In some cases, the guests may order as soon as they sit down. The food is carefully prepared, beautifully presented, and then served in courses. Bear in mind, though, that plated dinners are usually the priciest type of wedding catering service.

2) Buffet

A buffet is the best wedding catering option for guests with a big appetite. It is also more affordable and laid back than a plated dinner. All the food is set in large warming dishes on one or several long tables. Guests line up as the servers put proper portions on their plates. Guests may also choose what they want to eat from the buffet menu.

3) Food Stations

Food stations are similar to a buffet setup but provide more freedom and variety. Guests can tailor their meals to their preferences and diet. Unlike a buffet, food stations are separated into different tables that offer various items under a specific category. For instance, one table consists of meats while another focuses on bread and cheese.

4) Cocktail Style

Consider cocktail-style wedding catering for modern wedding celebrations with a casual twist. This type of catering service allows guests to meet and mingle. The menu primarily consists of hot and cold food in bite-sized proportions. You may opt for a banquet-style dinner, but a standing reception may also work.

5) Food Trucks

When it comes to outdoor wedding receptions, food trucks add a unique twist to them. These provide an immersive dining experience for guests who want to socialize with others and learn about the food in Illinois or Iowa. Additionally, the guests will have a close view of what ingredients are used and how the meals are prepared.

Find Your Wedding Catering Style

At Candlelight Inn, we use our catering skills and experience to ensure that your wedding reception is successful. Our catering service is made specifically for your special event, whether it’s a wedding or a birthday. Contact us today for more details!

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