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Catering On a Budget: Tips & Ideas for Events

Planning an event can be difficult no matter how much you’re able to spend, but doing so on a budget is another challenge altogether. The good news is that there are ways to cut costs on catering services without sacrificing the quality and success of your event. Here are three budget-friendly tips to help you save money:

  • Consider the theme and size of the gathering
    Your chosen theme for the event can save you money or blow it all. If funds are short, think of going for a less formal cocktail reception with canapes, bowl food, or food stations.

    It’s also crucial to figure out the number of your event’s attendees and their food preferences when you’re on a budget. This way, you only order what you need. That limits food waste and avoids over ordering food, which is, by far, one of the main reasons why hosts quickly exceed their budget when planning an event.

  • Use smaller plates
    It’s common for guests to fill their plate in the buffet regardless if you give them a small or large one, so they typically get more than they can finish. That said, it’s better to make use of slightly smaller plates. This will reduce the portion sizes they get, letting them consume less food.

    Tiny plates also present food in a more upscale and enticing manner without serving sizes appearing overwhelming.

  • Lessen hors d’oeuvre options
    To save money, select no more than three prepared appetizers. Choose ones that are always a hit, such as bruschetta, tempura prawns, and tartlets with goat cheese and caramelized onions. Skip the three-course meal option and restrict your hors d'oeuvre selections if you're on a limited budget.

If you need on-site catering on a budget, take note of these tips to make sure you can allot your expenses properly. This will help in carefully mapping out the spending that goes into each aspect of your event, making sure you won’t go over budget. Get in touch with Candlelight Inn in Northwest Illinois and Eastern Iowa for more information