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4 Different Types of Catering Services

Catering services are often used for occasions like weddings, business get-togethers, and birthday parties. Caterers work with the hosts to come up with custom menus for social gatherings, and provide the food and beverages on the day of the event. They may prepare the food off-site, or in the same location where the event is happening.

Given the significance of food and drink at every occasion, it’s important that you select the appropriate catering services fit for your event. Do consider that each catering business offers a variety of food selections and event types. Read on to learn more about the different types of catering.

  • Corporate Catering
    Catering for business and corporate events is referred to as corporate catering. It aims to provide food to various types of events that occur during and off office hours. These events might be anything from a small, casual lunch outside of the office, to a bigger on-site gathering.
  • Wedding Catering
    Wedding catering necessitates careful planning, timing, and open lines of communication with every member of the wedding crew. Regardless if it’s a small, private wedding or a large and elegant one, the prepared meals must represent the diversity of invited visitors. Aside from handling the food, wedding caterers are typically also tasked to handle table décor and food presentation.
  • Social Event Catering
    Social events are more private affairs like birthdays, grand openings, retirement parties, baby and bridal showers, and housewarming parties. These tend to be more exclusive and necessitate meticulous planning by the caterer. Since these events are often small, the caterer should meet the client’s unique dietary requirements and cultural beliefs to prevent serving forbidden meals.
  • Concession Catering
    This category includes catering public events such as significant sporting occasions and huge, live music performances. Since this catering service is for a large, well-mixed group of people, it’s best to have a menu that mainly serves as crowd favorites. That way, it will be easier to serve to most of an event’s attendees.
To connect better with your invited guests and tailor your menu to their unique tastes, you need to be aware of these different forms of customized catering. If you’re interested in different types of catering services, reach out to Candlelight Inn restaurant in Northwest Illinois and Eastern Iowa.